Applications of Spunbond Non Woven Fabrics

2020-12-07 16:17:24 31

PP spunbond non woven fabrics is one of non woven fabrics,which is made of 100% polypropylene.Adopting a full set of high technical advanced equpment,by melting PP under high temperature and spouting into filament, rolling and then finished products.Spunbond fabris has a wide application as follows:

  1. Hygiene

    baby/adult diapers, feminine hygiene products


  2. Medical(disposable) products

    Face mask,surgical gowns,standard gowns,caps,underwear,hospital curtains,shoe cover,pillow cover,bed sheet


  3. Funiture Upholstery

    Sofa Lining and packaging,closet,box and shell


4. Construction

    Roofing & tile underlay, house wrap, pipe wrap, artificial grass undelay


5. Packaging

    Shopping bags, suit bag, shoe bag


6. Automobile Interior

7. Filtration


   Fruit bags, crop cover,soil cover,capillary matting